Elite Athletes


$3148  in total prize money for 2019!

Beyond our standard prize money offerings, we offer a $300 bonus to any athlete that finishes the event as their respective male or female Health Solutions 8K event record holder. We also offer $200 bonus earnings to any runner that ends the day as  the official event age division record holder.  A matching time DOES NOT qualify.

Here are the age division records.

We welcome athletes from all nations to the Health Solutions 8K Race.

The Health Solutions 8K Race has awarded more prize money than any other 8K race in the USA.

Prize Money

$3148 in prize money will be awarded in the Health Solutions 8K race to the top 7 male and female overall winners.  All prize money will be based on gun times.

The Fifth Season Race 5K event will not offer prize money.

Overall Winners

$599 in prize money will be awarded to the top male and female overall finishers in the Health Solutions 8K race, with other prize monies as follows:

Place Prize
1st $599
2nd $350
3rd $250
4th $150
5th $100
6th $75
7th $50


No person shall be eligible to win prize monies if they are currently listed with the RPM Doping Sanctions list, which can be found online at: http://www.dopingsanctions.com/  There will be no exceptions to this rule.

High School and NCAA athletes are ineligible to receive prize money; prize money will be forfeited.

There will be no doubling of awards. One prize per athlete.
Decision of race officials is final.


Athletes and agents, if you have any questions please contact  the Elite Athlete Coordinator directly.